Exquisite Hand-Painted Pumpkin Girl Wall Hanger: Hooded, Floral & Skull Details – Premium Autumn Decor


Features & Description:

Elevate your autumn-inspired decor with this intricately hand-painted Pumpkin Girl wall hanger. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this stunning piece, rendered in warm, inviting hues of orange and earthy browns, effortlessly captures the enchanting aura of the season. The Pumpkin Girl’s hood, painted in a deep, shadowy green, adds an element of mystery and allure. Gentle accent flowers and a neck decoration adorned with miniature skulls inject whimsy and charm, making this piece a remarkable addition to any wall.

Key Features:

🎃 Masterful Hand-Painted Craftsmanship: Every brushstroke is meticulously placed, ensuring that each Pumpkin Girl stands out as a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art, showcasing the artist’s dedication and passion.

🌸 Rich Autumnal Palette: Immerse yourself in the seasonal splendor with our use of inviting hues—fiery oranges, deep earthy browns, and the enigmatic shade of a deep, almost-black green hood.

💀 Unparalleled Attention to Detail: From the carefully adorned neck decoration featuring miniature skulls to the soft accent flowers, every feature resonates with a festive spirit, bringing depth and life to the piece.

🖼️ Optimal Wall Integration: Not just a decor, but a statement! Designed for seamless integration into your space, she’s prepared to become the centerpiece of any room, invoking admiration from onlookers.

🍁 Transcending Seasons: While quintessentially autumnal, the Pumpkin Girl’s enduring charm and timeless design ensure she remains relevant and admired throughout the year.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the pristine condition and vibrant colors of Pumpkin Girl, avoid direct sunlight and abrasive cleaning agents. Instead, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any dust or particles.


Medium: 92mm x 57mm x 147mm
Large: 138mm x 86mm x 221mm


*Please note: 3D printed parts are never 100% the same and some minor variances are possible with each print*

Design created by PipeCox. MakeItGeeky is a supporter of this artist through their Patreon.

The items sold here are NOT toys. They are intended for adult collectors or hobbyists, not for children under the age of 14. These are decorative and collectible items, not playthings for young children. They may contain small parts or other elements that could pose a choking hazard or other risks. If used by children, it should be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Always use the products responsibly.

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