Sticker Pack · Starfield · Constellation · Freestar · Crimson Fleet · United Colonies · AE · 10 Stickers Total


Features & Description:

Travel the universe of Starfield with our exclusive sticker pack, designed for true fans of Bethesda’s galactic RPG! Dive into the lore of Starfield without even stepping into your space suit. Perfect for notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and spacecraft!

Included in the pack:

Constellation – Showcase your allegiance to the primary space exploration organization in Starfield. Founded by the visionary Sebastian Banks, this sticker represents the heart of the Starfield universe and its drive to uncover the mysteries of Artifacts.

Freestar (Logo in a Red Circle) – Wear the pride of the Freestar Collective! This variant is for those who want the Freestar symbol to pop against any backdrop.

Freestar (Black Logo) – A more subtle, sleek design of the Freestar logo. Ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance.

Crimson Fleet (Logo In a Red Circle) – Display your association with the most feared pirates in the Settled Systems. Perfect for those who embrace the wilder side of the universe.

Ryujin – A nod to the influential corporation. Show your admiration for CEO Masako Imada’s empire.

AE (Argus Extractor) – The starting point of every Starfield adventure. This sticker is a memento of the mysteries that lie deep within the mines.

United Colonies – Pledge your support for the interstellar government with this sticker. A symbol of power, diplomacy, and unity across the star systems.

Crimson Fleet Logo – The original emblem of the confederation of pirate captains. A must-have for anyone who feels a kinship with the rebels of the universe.

Ryujin (Symbol) – Dive deeper into the essence of Ryujin Industries with this symbolic representation.

Astral Lounge – Your chill place amidst the universe’s turmoil. The Astral Lounge sticker is perfect for those who seek a moment of respite in the vastness of space.


Made with high-quality, waterproof, and UV-resistant material.
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
Flat Applications only. (Not suitable for waterbottles, Checkout our Vinyl Decals for that)
Each sticker measures at least 3″ at its longest point.

Disclaimer: The designs used for these stickers are a homage to the original and are not intended to infringe upon the rights of the original creators. We acknowledge that all rights and trademarks belong to their respective owners and we claim no ownership over the graphics depicted.

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