Sticker Pack · Cartoonish Fantasy Roleplay Class Stickers – Unique Reimagining of Classic Adventurers


Features & Description:

Embark on a zany quest like no other with our Cartoonish Fantasy Roleplay sticker pack. Classic adventuring classes come to life with the charm and humor of Springfield’s favorite family. It’s the unexpected crossover you never knew you needed!


🪄 The Wise Spellcaster: The neighborhood know-it-all, now casting spells and brewing potions in the signature cartoon style.

🎸 Melodious Minstrel: Imagine the town’s best saxophone player becoming the group’s melodious bard, captivating foes and allies alike.

Devoted Holy Figure: Our devout neighbor merges with a cleric, seeking to heal and bring light to every tavern and quest.

🍂 Nature’s Enthusiast: This burger-loving dad becomes one with nature, invoking the powers of the wild as a druid.

⚔️ Stalwart Defender: With a trusty slingshot and an air of mischief, he’s now the fighter, defending the realm (or at least his block).

🥋 Martial Artist Expert: From skater boy to martial arts pro, watch out as he takes on the monk class, mastering every punch and kick.

🛡️ Righteous Protector: Our favorite overachiever becomes the righteous paladin, championing justice and sugar-free snacks.

🌲 Wilderness Explorer: Now as the ranger, the pesky little sister tracks foes, animals, and sometimes her own family through every terrain.

🗡️ Stealthy Trickster: With her blue hair and cunning, she takes on the rogue class, slipping in and out of shadows with ease.

🔮 Chaotic Magician: The sorcerer class gets a new face, summoning magic and chaos in equal measure.

📜 Bookish Caster: The town’s teacher is now the wise wizard, wielding spells from dusty old tomes.

🌙 Pact-Maker: What deal did the mischievous one strike? As a warlock, he’s bound to a powerful entity, and maybe a bit of trouble.


Made with high-quality, waterproof, and UV-resistant material sticker paper which is then laminated for further protection and durability. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Flat Applications only. (Not suitable for water bottles, Check out our Vinyl Decals for that)

Disclaimer: The designs used for these stickers draw inspiration from popular culture and are not intended to infringe upon the rights of the original creators. We acknowledge that all rights and trademarks belong to their respective owners and we claim no ownership over the graphics depicted.

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