Sticker Pack · Chibi Cat Night Vigilante Sticker Pack – Iconic Adversaries & Heroes Reimagined


Features & Description:

Delve deep into the night city’s whimsical side with our Chibi Cat Night Vigilante sticker pack. Famed heroes and villains are reborn as adorable chibi cats, merging playful innocence with their iconic personalities. A delightful blend of mystery, mischief, and meows await you!


🌙 Shadowed Vigilante: Our dark, caped crusader takes to the rooftops as a stealthy chibi cat, keeping watch over the city while exuding undeniable cuteness.

😸 Jester’s Mischief: With a sly smile and playful demeanor, this purple-suited jester chibi cat captures the essence of chaos and fun.

❤️ Heartthrob Sidekick: Wielding a mallet and with vibrant red and black tones, this mischievous chibi cat is every bit as daring and captivating as her human counterpart.

🖤 Feline Femme Fatale: Sleek, mysterious, and with a penchant for shiny objects, this chibi cat is the perfect embodiment of feline grace and guile.

💚 Puzzling Antagonist: This chibi cat, adorned in green, leaves behind puzzling clues, challenging the vigilante at every turn.

🐧 Monocled Mastermind: Donning a top hat and equipped with an umbrella, this chibi cat is the epitome of sophistication and cunning.


Made with high-quality, waterproof, and UV-resistant material sticker paper which is then laminated for further protection and durability. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Flat Applications only. (Not suitable for water bottles, Check out our Vinyl Decals for that)

Disclaimer: The designs used for these stickers are inspired by popular culture and are not intended to infringe upon the rights of the original creators. We acknowledge that all rights and trademarks belong to their respective owners and we claim no ownership over the graphics depicted.

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