Mystic Forest Vine Crown – Jewel-Adorned Heirloom of the Woodland Realms


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Features & Description:

Embark on a journey through mythical woodlands with our Mystic Forest Vine Crown, a lore-infused cosplay treasure that evokes the spirit of ancient forest realms. Crafted in a light wood color and adorned with hand-painted jewels, this crown is a testament to the elegance and mystique of nature’s royalty. Ideal for those who wish to embody the essence of fairy tales and fantasy in their attire, it’s more than a prop – it’s a wearable piece of legend.

🌿 Ethereal Nature Design: Emulating the intertwining vines of a mystical forest, this crown captures the delicate balance of strength and beauty found in nature.

💎 Enchanted Jewel Accents: Each jewel, meticulously hand-painted, shines with the vibrant hues of woodland magic, making the crown a dazzling centerpiece.

👑 Realm of Fantasy: Perfect for cosplayers, theater artists, or fantasy enthusiasts, this crown is designed to transport you to an otherworldly realm of elegance and enchantment.

🎨 Woodland Aesthetic: The crown’s light wood color harmonizes with its forest-inspired design, invoking images of ancient trees and hidden glades.

🎁 Gift for the Fantastical at Heart: An ideal treasure for those who revel in the magic of fantasy, LARPing, or enchanting tales of yore.


Medium: 193mm x 240mm x 79mm (7.60in x 9.45in x 3.11in)
Large: 226mm x 282mm x 93mm (8.90in x 11.10in x 3.66in)


*Please note: 3D printed parts are never 100% the same and some minor variances are possible with each print*

Design created by STLFlix. MakeItGeeky is a supporter of this artist through their Commercial Reseller Program.

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