Venom’s Haunting Takeover: Jack-o’-Lantern Engulfed in Symbiotic Wrath


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Features & Description:

Marvel’s Eddie Brock undergoes a chilling transformation! As the aggressive symbiote Venom fuses with a festive pumpkin, it offers a blend of Halloween spirit and comic lore. This unique figure, delicately hand-painted, captures the eerie essence of Venom’s takeover.


🕷️ Sinister Symbiosis: Observe the union of two worlds. Venom’s iconic black tendrils, hand-painted with precision, envelope the radiant orange pumpkin, symbolizing a playful Halloween horror meets Marvel’s foreboding anti-hero.

🎃 Marvel Meets Midnight: Traditional Jack-o’-lanterns aim to deter evil spirits. But what transpires when one is taken by the comics’ most infamous alien symbiote? A merge that’s both haunting and entrancing.

🌌 Artistic Tendrils of Terror: Our artisans have painstakingly hand-painted Venom’s distinctive tendrils, eyes, and maw, embodying his overpowering nature. Every detail exemplifies the anti-hero’s predatory essence.

🦇 Halloween’s Heroic Horror: As the nights of October deepen, let this hand-painted masterpiece of Venom’s gripping takeover adorn your Halloween setting or Marvel collection.

👁️ Eyes of the Abyss: Venom’s haunting, hand-painted white eyes emerge from the abyss, capturing the relentless spirit of the symbiote with meticulous detailing.

📖 Narrative of Two Worlds: Beyond a decoration, this figure narrates the intertwining of Spider-Man’s fiercest rival with All Hallows’ Eve’s mystique.


Please be aware: The natural orange of the pumpkin remains untouched, while the eyes, gums, and Venom detailing are exquisitely hand-painted. 3D printed parts may have minor variances, as each piece is unique.

Design crafted by Hex3d. MakeItGeeky ardently supports this artist via their Licensing Program.

The items showcased here are NOT toys. Aimed at adult collectors or enthusiasts, they aren’t suited for children under 14. They stand as decorative and collectible items, not children’s playthings. They might contain elements that pose risks. If given to children, they should always be supervised by an adult.

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