Hand-Painted Orochi Skull Wall Hanger: Mythical Serpent Design with Antique Gold Accents


Features & Description:

Unleash the mystical aura of the ancient Japanese serpent with our Hand-Painted Orochi Skull Wall Hanger. This piece masterfully encapsulates the legendary orochi, a snake-like creature from folklore, adorned with an antique gold helmet featuring elaborate designs and two prominent horns.


🐉 Serpentine Splendor: Dive into the lore of Japanese mythology with a wall hanger that embodies the orochi, known for its serpentine majesty. The face is hand-painted in a golden hue, with red and black accents highlighting its fearsome gaze.

🏯 Mythical Helmet: Crowning the orochi’s visage is a kabuto-inspired helmet, rich with antique gold finishes and adorned with a fearsome skull emblem, evoking the power and mystique of this mythological beast.

👹 Orochi Accents: The helmet’s side features crossed embellishments that resemble traditional samurai helmet decorations, adding a touch of warrior elegance to the mystical creature’s appearance.

🖼️ Intricate Craftsmanship: Every scale and contour of the orochi’s face is captured in exquisite detail, from the textured skin to the penetrating eyes, making each piece a narrative work of art.

🏡 Enigmatic Presence: This piece is more than a mere decorative item; it’s a statement of folklore and history that brings a commanding energy to any room.

🔩 Built to Last: Utilizing 3D printing technology for structural integrity and hand-painted for a bespoke artisanal finish. A durable homage to the legendary orochi.

📐 Perfect Proportions: Designed to be the ideal size for display, it serves as an impressive centerpiece that sparks conversation and curiosity.

🌐 Quality Materials: Created with high-quality 3D printing materials and overlaid with a hand-painted layer for a realistic, dynamic appearance.

Care Instructions:

To preserve the vibrant colors and intricate details, avoid direct sunlight. Gently dust the Orochi Wall Hanger using a soft cloth, ensuring its splendor remains undiminished for years to come.


Large: 220mm x 125mm x 210mm (8.66in x 4.92in x 8.27in)


*Please note: 3D printed parts are never 100% the same and some minor variances are possible with each print*

Design created by PipeCox. MakeItGeeky is a supporter of this artist through their Patreon.

The items sold here are NOT toys. They are intended for adult collectors or hobbyists, not for children under the age of 14. These are decorative and collectible items, not playthings for young children. They may contain small parts or other elements that could pose a choking hazard or other risks. If used by children, it should be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Always use the products responsibly.

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