Unveil the Spirit of Dia de Los Muertos: Catrina Wall Hanger Head Sculpture with Skeletal Mask


Features & Description:

Embrace the rich Mexican tradition of Dia de Los Muertos with our Catrina Wall Hanger Sculpture. This piece represents the joyful and festive spirit of the Day of the Dead, complete with hand-painted details and an intricate skeletal mask.

🌹 Hand-Painted Radiance: Every detail on the Catrina Wall Hanger is meticulously hand-painted, including the festive Day of the Dead-style face and the roses in her hair.

🍁 Proudly Made in Canada: Crafted and curated in Canada, this Catrina Wall Hanger Sculpture brings together local expertise and cultural appreciation.

💀 Iconic Skeletal Mask: The Catrina features a unique skeletal mask that is split horizontally, allowing you to display it open or closed to suit your aesthetic.

🎭 Dual Display Options: The Catrina Wall Hanger can be either hung on a wall or placed on a separate stand that is also available for purchase.

🎉 Cultural Connection: This Catrina Wall Hanger embodies the spirit of the Day of the Dead, offering a festive yet respectful tribute to a rich Mexican tradition.


Designed by Pipecox. MakeItGeeky is proud to support this artist through the Licensing Program.

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