Ornate Deluxe Pokeball – A Masterpiece of Pokémon Elegance with Optional Stand

  • Silver wax paint has been applied to this piece.
  • Decorative Only, this pokeball is not designed to be opened, and all parts will be glued together.


Features & Description:

Unveiling an emblem of dedication, triumph, and heritage – our Ornate Deluxe Pokeball. Celebrate your journey as a Pokémon Trainer with a sophisticated rendition of the iconic tool of the trade. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a passionate collector, our Deluxe Pokeball is more than just an artifact; it’s a narrative that resonates with every heartbeat of the Pokémon universe.

🌟 Intricate Craftsmanship: Every curve, every detail, every hue – meticulously brought to life in an artisanal embrace. The Ornate Deluxe Pokeball boasts an unparalleled level of craftsmanship that seamlessly marries tradition with luxury.

🌈 Lustrous Finish: Beneath the layers of precision lies a radiant finish, one that captures the very spirit of a Pokeball, reflecting light in a manner that’s as mesmerizing as the Pokémon world itself.

🍃 Optional Stand: Elevate the grandeur with our intricately designed stand. Whether you wish to display your prized possession on a mantle, study desk, or your Pokémon shrine, the stand ensures it remains the cynosure of all eyes.

🎁 Collector’s Dream: Each Deluxe Pokeball is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a testament to its uniqueness and your impeccable taste. It’s not just another item in your collection; it’s the crown jewel.

⚜️ A Legacy of Pokémon: This isn’t just a Pokeball; it’s a chronicle. A testament to battles won, friendships forged, challenges faced, and adventures that await. Every time you glance at it, you’re not just seeing an object; you’re reliving a legacy.

Maintenance and Care:
To maintain the radiant luster and intricate detailing, gently dust your Deluxe Pokeball using a soft cloth. If opting for the stand, ensure it’s placed on a stable surface away from direct sunlight and moisture.

  • Silver wax paint has been applied to this piece.
  • Decorative Only, this pokeball is not designed to be opened, and all parts will be glued together.


Dimensions: 5″ W x 6″ H (with stand)


*Please note: 3D printed parts are never 100% the same and some minor variances are possible with each print*

Design created by HEX3D. MakeItGeeky is a supporter of this artist through their Patreon.

The items sold here are NOT toys. They are intended for adult collectors or hobbyists, not for children under the age of 14. These are decorative and collectible items, not playthings for young children. They may contain small parts or other elements that could pose a choking hazard or other risks. If used by children, it should be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Always use the products responsibly.

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