Adorable 7″ Grogu Holding Heart Figure – Hand-Painted with Love


Crafted upon Order

Features & Description:

Introducing our charming and lovable Grogu holding a heart figure, hand-painted with care and attention to detail. This delightful piece is the perfect addition to any Star Wars or Grogu fan’s collection.

Crafted with precision and care, this Grogu figurine captures all the cute and endearing qualities of everyone’s favorite alien baby. With its wide eyes, adorable expression, and tiny stature, this Grogu figurine is sure to warm your heart.

But that’s not all – this Grogu figurine is holding a heart figure, symbolizing love and affection. The heart figure is carefully hand-painted with rich and vibrant colors, adding a personal touch and unique character to each piece.

As Yoda once said, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” With this Grogu holding a heart figure, you can channel the love and affection that is at the heart of the Star Wars universe.

This Grogu figurine is made with high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. It is perfect for display on a bookshelf, mantle, or desk, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Whether you are a collector of Star Wars memorabilia or simply looking for a cute and lovable art piece, our Grogu holding a heart figure is a must-have. Add it to your collection today and feel the love!


Dimensions: 8″ W x 5″ L x 7″ H

Note about FDM Prints:

Our FDM prints are 3D printed in-house using a filament based (FDM) printing method at 0.2mm layer heights. Layer lines may be visible on the final product but are not usually as noticeable on larger models. We use high quality materials and slower “finishing” speeds when printing the exterior of the model to ensure the best looks and quality. FDM prints are printed with slight infill and extra thick walls to ensure the parts are durable. If supports are required, we will remove all supports before shipping the final product.


*Please note: Due to the nature of 3d Printing, not all prints are exactly alike.

As with all our pieces, this is a made to order custom piece of art, made specifically for you.
This is not an officially licensed product. It is only considered FAN ART. Fan Art is protected under Fair Use.
Original character/prop and all rights for this character/prop belongs to their respective rights holders and we do not claim to be sponsored or affiliated with those rights holders in any way.
Please contact us before placing any reports.

Design created by HEX3D. MakeItGeeky is a supporter of this artist through their Patreon.

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